The 100 Years Anniversary of Myanmar Short Story

1502626_10204708788792158_7873245857355888719_oThe very first Myanmar short story ‘Maung Thein Tin, Ma Thein Shin” written by Shwe Ou Daung was published in the Thuriya Magazine in March, 1917.  All Myanmar Literature Scholars agreed that that was the very first short story in Myanmar literature.  Before 1917, Myanmar famous playwright “U Pone Nya” did some writing style that was similar to short story but the features were not clearly developed as in a short story.

Maung Thein Tin, Ma Thein Shin was printed in the Thuriya Magazine first publication issued in March 1917. A new literary platform had emerged as the Editor called for articles for the literary competition of the magazine.

“I started working at the Thuriya Magazine as an editor in February 1917. U Ba Pe and U Hla Pe were managers. When they had found out my literary works, they got an idea to set up a new literary magazine and they were very enthusiastic. A new magazine included my very first short story was launched in March 1917. Later, I took the advice of the Manager U Hla Pe and made an inspiration stories from the works of Sherlock Holmes. The stories of Detective Maung San Shar was published in the Thuriaya Magazine in April 1917” Shwe Uo Daung wrote in chapter (3) ‘Maung Thein Pe to Maung Pe Thein’ of his autobiography “A Record of My Life and My Thinking”.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Shaw Ou Daung invented a new literary style called short story and he simply named it as short story. I did research on Myanmar literature and looked for information about short story and all the information I have found pointed out that “Maung Thein Tin, Ma Thein Shin” was the first short story in Myanmar literature. U Kyi Maung aka writer Ngwe Uo Daung said that Maung Thein Tin Ma Thein Shin was the first Myanmar short story in his paper “ the History of Myanmar Short Stories” published in March 1978. The first Myanmar novel was published in 1904 which was much earlier than short story. Later the essay style writing appeared. So, there would be a hundred years anniversary of Myanmar short story in 2017 since it was born and raised.

Han Sann

Translate and edit by Zar Chi Oo

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