A new generation of Myanmar Short Stories

Glass by Han Sann

Glass by Han Sann

Passing the legacy of writing short stories had been successfully initiated by the Thuriya Magazine since its beginning of entrepreneurship journey. The call for short stories competition had been announced in the first publication which included Maung Thein Tin , Ma Thein Shin in March 1917. The name of the winning story writers were not mentioned but published under the name of “writer prize”. Moreover, no illustration was used for the story.

The first new generation writer selected was “Pyae Maung Tin (Dagon Shwe Hmyar) recorded by U Kyi Mg aka Ngwe Uo Daung in his paper ‘The history of Myanmar Short Stories (first volume). In that case, the Thuriya Magazine was not only the first magazine that published Myanmar short story but also introduced a new space for a new generation of short stories writers. That example was followed by contemporary magazines of 1917 and onwards. They included a new writer section and awarded a new generation of short story write prize in the monthly publication.

The names of magazines that introduced a common ground for new writers are young writers section in Pay Phoo Hlwar magazine, the University section in Pan Wai The magazine and New Shwe section in Shwe Ahmutay magazine. Those are only a set of names that the author can trace of over the times. Similarly, it should be noted that Moe Way, Han Thit and Teen magazines encouraged the formation of a new generation of short stories and a new style of writing. The determination of the Shwe Ahmutay magazine has initiated and implemented to encourage new writers by awarding “A New Generation of Short Story Writer Award” yearly is truly noteworthy.

When you look back the 100 years journey that Myanmar Short Stories has lived and survived, it is clear that the magazines, editors, critics and awards did encouraged and were effective in helping establish new generation of writers.

Han Sann

Translate by Zar Chi Oo

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