About Han Sann

Glass by Han Sann
Glass by Han Sann

Han Sann is a short stories writer and columnist of two magazines and two weekly journals. He had another pen name that it is Han Zaw. When he writes the short story used the name of Han Sann and he uses the name of Han Zaw when he writes the nonfiction.

The first short stories published The Ray of Light weekly journal in January 2007 and the story name is Gandawin Sakarlone Kaung Kin Maung Yin Nyo that is one of satire of Myanmar celebrity. Then he wrote the article about technology in various magazines and journals. That are The Ray of Light weekly journal, Itizen Technology journal, Personal Computer magazine, Shu Ma Nyee photography magazine, Global English magazine, Mandalay Icon magazine and teen magazine.

Han Sann, another pen name writes the short stories in a teen magazine, The Ray of Light journal and The Ladies Journal. The short stories based on easy form, satire form and modern form. Presently, he wrote the short stories and submits the manuscript to the local magazine. He had an official website that is www.hansann.com  and submits the short stories and articles.

Han Zaw, the columnist, writes the article about technology in The Ray of Light, The Pae Tin Tharn journal, Global English magazine and Mandalay Icon magazine, presently. Also he is an editor at The The Pae Tin Tharn  journal, presently and he had some of editor experience when he submits the tech article on Personal Computer magazine as a contributing editor. He had nearly over hundred articles about technology for magazine and journal.